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About KRAMER Service Group

Our Vision

KRAMER Service Group (KSG) began as an underground utility construction company supporting information and communication technology companies. With over 50 years of combined experience, the KSG leadership team has grown the company into an Outside/Inside Plant (OSP/ISP), construction and engineering-related services company with an emphasis on project management.

We provide services to the information and communications technology sector, energy and gas companies, state and federal agencies, agricultural industries, engineering firms and municipalities. When an entity needs to install underground infrastructure, we’re ready to help.

From the beginning, we’ve dedicated our efforts to working with our customers to achieve progress through infrastructure. We’re improving the quality of life for the end users.

With every project, we look for the optimal combination of experienced crews and specialized equipment to match your construction needs and goals. We analyze our customers’ requirements and then deliver successful projects that will offer long-lasting value. When needed, we hire local, specialized contractors to improve operational efficiency. 

Overcoming Project Challenges

We like to do complex projects others won’t and will go anywhere in the U.S.  With our specialized equipment and expertise, we select experienced crews to meet customer needs.

We take on projects from simple to complex, successfully installing infrastructure through a variety of obstacles.

Does your infrastructure project have challenges, such as difficult terrain or other obstacles? Let’s talk about it.

Planning Services

Customers turn to us to help plan and design their utility projects. If a customer is new to the industry or simply needs assistance, we can help them design their project.

With our extensive capacity, KSG will hand-pick teams to meet project needs and timelines. Depending upon the needs of the customer and project demands KSG will assemble city and rural crews to handle drops, boring, trenching, splicing, storm clean-up, and more.  We are licensed in states that require licensure.

Ready for the Unexpected

Our customers choose KSG because we have the skill and capacity to handle projects from the simple to the complex in a safe and timely manner. Sometimes preliminary planning doesn’t reveal a project’s daunting challenges. With our experienced crews and equipment, we overcome these obstacles and achieve your goals.

Core Values

At KSG, we collaborate and innovate to successfully meet our customers needs. We stand by high-quality service, transparent and continuous communication, and project completion in a safe and timely manner.

KSG represents the following core values:

  • We build integrity, trust and respect into everything we do.
  • We emphasize the value of teamwork and a collaborative spirit.
  • We safely deliver quality projects that demonstrate our concern for the environment.
  • We seek the most innovative and effective solutions for each project.
  • We pay attention to project details that enhance long-term value.
  • We thrive on challenges.

Support D/V/WMBE Partners

When possible, KSG will team with qualified small disadvantage, veteran, women and/or minority owned (D/V/WMBE) businesses. This process reflects our core values and our commitment to social responsibility. It also allows us to help our customers achieve their goals for D/V/WMBE participation.

Kramer Service Group service map

Mission: Progress through Infrastructure

At KSG, we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers be successful. When they come up with an outside-the-box project, we’re there with an innovative solution. We’re known as the company that takes on the tough projects that others don’t.

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