The process of geothermal drilling for either new or existing residences or buildings necessitates different rigs and process and is a direction that Kramer Service Group is heading in full force with its commitment to providing natural resources to all of its customers and prospective customers.

Geothermal systems are quiet, long lasting and green. It is a 150-year-old technology, but is being rediscovered, and is inspiring more people to tap the power supply under their feet.

Geothermal systems heat and cool your home, school, or office by utilizing the near-constant ground temperature in the earth. In Wisconsin, below about six feet the ground is about 50° throughout the entire year. Geothermal systems (also called GeoExchange, Ground Source Heat Pumps, or just ‘Geo’ Systems) use heat pumps to absorb heat from this 50° earth during the winter and then expel heat to this earth in the summer.

The design of your geothermal system will depend on the particular site of your building. But there are many other important factors affecting the cost and performance as well – the thermal conductivity of the ground and the heating and cooling requirements of your building have a large impact on the system design.

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